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5 Foods to Eat Before a Test, Backed by Science

foods to eat before a test


We’ve all had moments where we need to be at the top of our game.  You may have a job interview, final exams, or on the cusp of a negotiation for a business deal.  Either way, there are times where we need every possible advantage.

It’s been shown that certain foods can enhance our brain function, including short-term memory, attention, and cognitive performance. Below is a list of the foods to eat before a test or interview in order to perform at your best. Read More

The Science Backed Method to Losing Weight with Only Your Mind



A virtually endless amount of information has been written about the various types of diets, which foods are healthy and which are not, and the effect of different eating behaviors on weight loss.  However, there is one strategy that can immediately help you lose weight, that has a tremendous amount of research backing it up, but is rarely discussed.  Read More

Organic Food – Is it Worth It?

organic food


If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard a lot about organic food. It’s healthier. It’s a scam. It’s really expensive. Pesticides are toxic. Children should only eat organic. Etcetera, etcetera.

I decided to take a hard look at the facts and determine once and for all if it really makes sense to seek out and but organic food, despite the obvious negatives – that it costs significantly more and is harder to find. Read More

36 Amazing Uses for Onions

36 Amazing Uses for Onions


You probably eat small bits of onions when dining – perhaps adding them to a salad, a hamburger, or on eggs.

And perhaps you’ve heard of the hype around using onions for many other home uses – as a disinfectant, for a bunch of home remedies to cure illness, and other uses for your health.

But I bet you don’t realize quite how healthy onions are, or why you should try to eat some every day.  I’ve compiled a list of all the health benefits from eating onions, backed by scientific studies and research. Read More

Drinking While on Antibiotics – Is it OK?

drinking while on antibiotics

We’ve all heard that it’s bad to mix antibiotics with alcohol.  Either it’s bad for your liver, or it makes the antibiotics ineffective, or some other “fact” on why it’s harmful.

My wife was recently sick and on antibiotics – it was a 10 day prescription, and after 4 days she was feeling much better.  We went out to a party and she refrained from drinking that night because of the antibiotics treatment she was prescribed, which was a bummer.

Read More

Coffee: Good or Bad – Here’s the Truth, Backed by Research

coffee good or bad

Is coffee good or bad for you? Most of us grew up hearing that coffee is bad for you – that you (or your parents) drink too much of it, that they need to cut down, that it stunts your growth (not true) and that overall it’s not a healthy beverage.

However, if you really look at the research, you’ll see that most of it is overwhelmingly positive.  Below I’ve outlined the numerous benefits (and a few potential disadvantages) that drinking coffee provides.

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